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Hi, My name is Dace and I am Latvian. I want to share with you the great news about how to teach yourself Latvian effortlessly.

You probably know, that learning Latvian or any other language is not an easy task. Do you remember how it was when you tried to remember words and grammar rules? How can you remember the words and correct grammar, while trying to speak?
Is it easy? No! Even if you know the rules, there is simply not enough time to remember and use them when you speak.

What about vocabulary and pronunciation? 
Can you recall the feeling when you kept silent instead of speaking because you were embarrassed to pronounce the word incorrectly?   Most of the time at school you were learning lot of grammar rules. The result? You have forgotten most of it. 

The best language learners are children, of course. Why? They use very specific methods and “rules” for learning. In fact, it is because they do not study grammar and they do not learn from textbooks. Children learn by repeating, naturally and with ease.

If you want to learn a language, you need to use the same methods children use.One method is repetition. You do not have to memorize. All you need to do is to repeat. You must repeat, repeat and repeat. The more you repeat, the deeper you language skills develop. It is called a deep learning.

Another important method is
listening. Listen every day and your speaking will improve rapidly.  

Did you know that the best way to learn is to combine reading and listening at the same time?

Many of the worlds top experts, like Dr. Stephen Krashen, Dr Ashley Hastings, Dr. Brenda Murphy and David Long talk about this new method of learning languages.  
 ‘Language acquisition is a subconscious process not unlike the way a child learns language. Language acquirers are not consciously aware of the grammatical rules of the language, but rather develop a "feel" for correctness. "In non-technical language, acquisition is 'picking-up' a language.’    Stephen Krashen 

Language program, developed by the company EN101 Inc., uses this proven and effective approach of learning: a combination of audial and visual with multiple repetitions.  It helps you to learn the language easily and effortlessly - the same way the children learn.

 Why to choose EN101 program:

Have correct pronunciation from the start and learn effortlessly

Listen to a native speaker and repeat as many times as you need until you naturally remember the word or phrase. Read, listen and repeat words, phrases and sentences - all at the same time.

No grammar rules, just repeat
- it is how you learn naturally. It has been proved as the most effective technique to learn a language.

Did you know? To remember the word, one should hear and repeat it at least 30 times!


Have 56 chapters of learning for 56 weeks of study

Start from the alphabet and progress until intermediate level.
Build your vocabulary, study by themes and naturally learn phrases and sentences. Print out flash cards for even more learning. 

Did you know? In everyday language people use just 2000 words.


Learn anytime you want, all you need is a computer and internet connection 

With EN101 you fit learning language into your life. Up to 3 people can use the program at the same time anywhere in the world.
Access the program 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
You will have your personal website and password that
ALL of your family can use!

There is more.

Learn from your native language

What if you are more comfortable learning from another language? What if you are Russian, Japanese or French?   EN101 has a solution. Choose from 30 native languages and learn Latvian with instructions and translations from your own language!
Click on the picture below to see which native language you can learn from.

Watch the video below on How to learn.


The most Exciting Feature - Special program for Children EN101 KIDS

Wouldn’t it be great if your child would ask to learn instead of you pushing them into it?

EN101 KIDS is FUN! No more struggles as your child plays and learns
. Talking pictures and quizzes will keep kid’s attention and help to build a vocabulary easily. Your child will repeat the words after a native speaker and correct pronunciation will come naturally.

What about those of you who live abroad, yet want your child to learn Latvian?  If your child goes to an English or any other language speaking school, they will naturally absorb that language. It will be much easier for them to communicate in the language they speak at school rather than Latvian, even if you speak Latvian at home.

I know how it feels. I am Latvian and have been living abroad with my children for almost 10 years. I have been struggling to maintain Latvian for my children as I see them slowly migrating into English. They find it much easier to express themselves in the language they speak at school and with their new friends rather than with the family. Latvian schools abroad are a great solution, but it is definitely not enough.

What if you live far away from a Latvian school or there are other activities that you want to go to that time?

What to do?

EN101 KIDS is just the kind of the solution you would be looking for. Your child will learn fast because they will be learning through the play where they listen and read at the same time. 
With the program children learn more than 1000 words.

EN101 KIDS is suitable for children from the age of 3. 
The program is also an excellent supplement to any other language program you are involved in.
See for yourself how it works, by clicking this video link. You will like it!


What else?

MORE Languages to learn!

What if you could learn not only Latvian, but also another language? What if your child could have the same fascinating program for other languages?
EN101 gives you access to learn 8 more languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese (Mandarin), Korean, Japanese and Russian.

Children learn English, Spanish, Russian and Chinese (Mandarin) with EN101 KIDS program.

Learn using the same principles as for Latvian learning. Read, listen and repeat until the language comes naturally. Learn Latvian and 8 more languages for the same price.

Program is very easy to use and navigate.
You will pick up very quickly on how to use the program by actually starting to use it. In less than a half an hour, you will feel comfortable using it. Remember that You can always read the simple instructions located at the main panel or clicking on the ‘i’ icon.
Children' s  program does not need instructions. It is build for intuitive use and is extremely easy to navigate.

The Company and its success.

At this point, you probably want to know more about the company.

Let me tell you a little more about how the company and  how the idea were born. Richard McCullough was in love. The love of his life spoke only Spanish. He spoke only English. He lived in the US, but his girlfriend lived in Australia.

They wanted to marry but they did not know each other’s languages and they were worlds apart! Richard started to teach her English. He created short learning paragraphs and sent them to her through the internet. These simple exercises developed into a powerful internet-based learning program. That is how EN101 Inc was born.

On St Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2005 the company was officially registered and incorporated in Nevada, USA with its Headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

With astonishing success the program exploded all around the world and there are now more than 300 000 users of the program in many countries.

Their global approach of learning and the program’s success were factors that motivated one of its users in Latvia, Andrejs Cīrulis to add a Latvian language course. That is how the first Latvian online learning program was created! 

There is one more “Love Story” with EN101. Another user of the EN101 program in Latvia met her next husband in Czech Republic. They are now happily married. It is all thanks to EN101!

And Now - How Much?

You probably know that if you decide to attend a language course, it might cost you around 100 US dollars per month. If you hire a private teacher, they might charge minimum of 40 US dollars per hour. To learn a language, you would need at least 6 months of learning. The cost of your learning would build up from 400 US dollars to several thousand dollars.
What if all of your family would need to learn a language!? The cost of it would be very high.

What if there is NO Latvian language teacher available in your area?

With EN101 all your family will get unlimited access to the program.  Share the same password  with up to 3 people in your household and learn at the same time anywhere in the world.

Learn by methods that work, not by grammar rules.

Learn Latvian and 8 more languages for the same price. Give your children  opportunity to learn not only Latvian but  also Russian, Spanish, English and Mandarin Chinese.
All that for he same low price.

Great Value

You Pay 79 US dollars for a 6-month access or 149 US dollars for a 1 year access.

You don't have to decide if this Program is for you.
Click on the 'Go to Free Lessons'  button and try it out.
Note, that free lessons are marked with a green diamond.


Now, do not wait any longer, get yourself the program and start learning!

For Latvian learning course you choose:

 6 months of learning - Basic Pack 79 USD
You will get your own website and password with access of 6 months of learning. In addition, you can also learn English, Spanish, German, Russian, French, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin) and Korean. Children  learn Latvian, English, Spanish, Russian and Chinese (Mandarin)


1 year of learning - Advanced Pack 149 USD
You will get yourown website and password with access of 1 year of learning. In addition, you can also learn English, Spanish, German, Russian, French, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin) and Korean. Children learn Latvian, English, Spanish, Russian and Chinese (Mandarin).

Can I start Now?

Yes. When you register and enroll, you and your family can start using program immediately online.
For detailed video how to register click here.
To your success,

Dace Penke

P.S. Remember, this is one of a kind online Latvian language program that makes your learning easy. No more grammar rules to study. Your kids will play and learn with exciting EN101 KIDS program. and you can learn 8 more languages: English, Spanish, German, Russian, French, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin) and Korean, all for the same price.
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