How to enroll with EN101 language learning program

Watch this 1 minute video.

More details:
To enroll, you can click at to be directed to secure company's enrollment page. Fill in  required information and get your personal earning web page. Note, that for the Latvian, Spanish, Chinese ( Mandarin), Japanese, Korean, German, French, Russian and English ( beginner to intermediate),  learning choose either the Basic Program ( 6 months access) or Advanced program ( 1 year access).

Other 3 programs you will see on enrollment page are for advanced English learning.
Business English - BizPack; American Citizenship test - Ameripack; Advanced English for college preparation - ProPack.
All of these packs include
also EN101 Kids program, Latvian and 8 languages.

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When enrolling, you will be asked to choose your EN101 learning  website name, user name and password.  When registration is completed, you will receive a confirmation email.

To start learning, go to your personal EN101 web site,  choose your native language, enter the user name and your chosen password and start learning.